In the category of Belgium Fruit/ Lambic beers we have beers which are produced with fruits with any yeast and malt. Also in this category  you can find beers  that are produced with the traditional way of  Belgian wild fermentation and after they add fruits or brown sugar, or mature them in oak barrels.

Belgium Fruit / Lambic Beers

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Belgium Fruit / Lambic Beers
Belgium Fruit / Lambic Beers
Belgium Fruit / Lambic Beers

Lindemans Framboise has dark pink color, magnificent aroma and delicate taste of raspberries.

Lindemans Cassis has a deep reddish-purple color with aroma and  flavor of blackcurrant.

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This beer, as a true gueuze is brewed with 1,2 and 3 years old lambic matured in oak casks.